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June 1, 2017
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Never fear, newbies! We’ve all been there before: doubled over in what feels like a life-threatening coughing fit after what may or may not have been the world’s smallest hit (unrecorded, of course). But instead of losing hope, grab a glass of water instead and let your beginner status inspire a fiery determination in your heart and lungs to transcend the mere “stoner” label and blossom into something so much more beautiful and rewarding: cannabis connoisseur.

Much like with anything in life, becoming acquainted with the cannabis plant requires practice, time and dedication. This means exploring new strains, learning the sprawling history of plant genetics, and familiarizing yourself with terpenes and their respective benefits and aromas, as well as consuming the plant in every which way possible be it wax, flower, edible or tincture. We’ve found that only through insatiable curiosity and discovery can one reap the full (medicinal and recreational) benefits cannabis has to offer.

However, discovering the plant also means knowing yourself and your limits as every body is different and what works for one person might not work for another. A general rule of thumb for first time smokers is to start with lower doses as you can always up the ante, but you can’t ever turn it down.

To guide you on your green journey, we’ve rounded up strains that won’t leave you ridden with anxiety or unwillingly passed out on the couch. These strains vary from the cerebrally light and fruity to the physically warm and sultry , but regardless of who you are and what you are looking for, we guarantee you will find something on this list.

Without further ado, the best strains novices (and veterans!) should try.



Mimosa, a cross between Clementine and Purple Punch, is something of a starlet with her luscious trichome stalks and intoxicating scent that wafts like a siren’s call to the nostrils. Her juicy, fruit punch-like aroma and cerebrally stimulating effects make her an ideal strain for beginners looking to reap the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the archetypal lethargy (known to accompany heavy “indica”-dominant strains). Mimosa’s blend of terpenes limonene, beta caryophyllene and linalool make this an ideal strain for inducing relaxation, creativity and euphoria.



Much like the strain before it, Sour Apple’s uplifting effect and concentrated flavor make this another winner for beginners. With a tantalizing aroma of juicy Grannysmith apples that have been sprinkled with sour raspberry powder, Sour Apple’s flavors are much more palatable to smokers who have yet to adapt their tastebuds to the heavier notes present in kush strains. Sour Apple’s effect is similar to Mimosa’s in that both will leave you on an inflatable raft set to drift in an ocean of pure bliss. However, if we had to note a difference, it would be that Mimosa’s terpene profile has the potential to present a more physically relaxing high, as opposed to a strictly cerebral one.



Heck, even if you’re not a newbie you should be smoking this strain! Lemon Face is the genius cross between Lemon Jack and Face Off in which Lemon Jack’s sativa-dominant traits and lemon flavor come together with Face Off’s pine-rich profile and soothing physical effects to create a strain that is perfectly balanced from head to toe. By infusing Lemon Jack’s uplifting traits with Face Off’s sedative and analgesic qualities, Lemon Face gives you the mental stimulation you need without the corporeal angst or, conversely, sluggishness. Now that/s what we like to call a “win-win” situation.



If you’re reading this blog, there is a 99.9% chance you’ve heard of the illustrious Orange Cookies, a cross between Forum Cookies and Orange Juice. While there are many hyperbolic things we could (and when given the opportunity, will) say about Orange Cookies, the most important things to know about this strain are that 1) its thirst-quenching flavor will shatter everything you thought you knew about cannabis and 2) there is no better way to start your day than with a joint (dab, bowl—your choice) of Jungle Boys-grown Orange Cookies. A hit of this strain in the morning will set your day up with positive vibes, self confidence and an overall sense of well-being that wears like armor in the face of society. But hey, that all sounds kind of serious, doesn’t it? So instead, we’ll leave you to answer this question: Do you want to have a good day today? If the answer is “yes,” you know where to go for the one and only Orange Cookies.



There’s something about Orange Apricot’s fiery red hair that draws cannabis connoisseurs to her perfectly-shaped flowers. And while looks aren’t everything, they certainly play a part in the allure of this particular strain, a cross between Orange Juice and Apricot Helix. Slightly heavier than the aforementioned strains, Orange Apricot provides a comfortable physical high beginners suffering with mild pain and/or depression can find solace in. With a strain like Orange Apricot—one whose come-on can be deceptively slow—we recommend starting off with a small dose (say, a bowl) before you move on to larger quantities.



As recent lab results prove, Cookies ‘n’ Cream is no joke. But don’t let this delectable strain’s high terpene and THCa content intimidate you: Cookies ‘n’ Cream is perfect for beginners seeking the next level in physical body high. A cross between Starfighter and a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype, Cookies ‘n’ Cream is a chunky chocolate chip milkshake of a strain that will leave you feeling happier than being on the carousel at Disneyland. Intense euphoria is coupled with a soothing body high that rids the limbs and muscles of anxiety and exhaustion. With both sweet and salty soft cheese-like notes present in its profile, Cookies ‘n’ Cream is a treat for the mind, body and palate.



Few strains capture the wonder and excitement of cannabis like Gelato #33 did and still does. Aptly named, Gelato blew the cannabis community’s mind with its dessert-like profile consisting of a a grape soda sweetness and creamy tanginess whose similarity to gelato, the Italia-style ice cream, were unmistakable. While we could go on about its Gobstopper of a flavor profile, it’s Gelato #33’s effects that make this strain aptly suited for those just starting to expand their lungs and mind through cannabis. Gelato #33 is a perfectly balanced strain that induces feelings of positivity, belonging and well-being; these feelings are accompanied with physical release as tension effortlessly evaporates from the limbs. Gelato’s physical effects are perfect for those seeking a daytime treatment for pain and inflammation.



Like many of Jungle Boys strains, Strawberry Shortcake is the result of curious breeding, meticulous selection and expert cultivation. Selected from thousands of seeds, Strawberry Shortcake scored perfect 10’s in flavor, appearance and effect. Beginners concerned with flavor will find that Strawberry Shortcake’s buds are ripe with notes of vanilla custard, strawberry compote and spiced banana while those primarily concerned with effect will find solace in Strawberry Shortcake’s physical therapeutic effects that manage to uplift and energize the mind. While Strawberry Shortcake may be heavier than a majority of the strains listed, we think the combination of White and Cookies brings a balanced, more manageable effect that will make it easier for beginners to up their dosage.



As the lines on exclusive drop days will tell you, patients love Purple Punch and who can blame them when the buds taste like grape Kool-Aid and its effects leave you feeling like a wiser, happier, healthier version of yourself (just one of the many benefits of cannabis)? Purple Punch is a cross between Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG that was bred by Super Nova Gardens and originally originally grown by The Village before being given to the Jungle Boys. Purple Punch is a strain that’s not to be taken lightly and those looking for an energetic high should probably begin somewhere else before making their way to Purple Punch, but for those seeking relief from stress, insomnia, eating disorders and depression, dipping your nose into a bag of Purple Punch right before you spark one off is everything you want to—and should—be doing.

These strains aren’t just reserved for beginners, but for any cannabis connoisseur seeking high-quality flower that provides a distinct experience with every high. As we’ve said before, the experience you have is dependent on your constitution and dosage, so listen to yourself before rolling one up and get ready for a good time.

What was the first strain you’ve ever smoked? What are some of your favorites from this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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