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May 23, 2017
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Breeder: OrgnKid

Grower: Jungle Boys

Genetics: OG Kush x Mystery Sagarmatha Seed

Fruity, creamy, sweet, indulgent and no, we’re not talking about a Pina Colada here; we’re talking about Banana OG, the OrgnKid-bred and Jungle Boys-grown cross between OG Kush and an unknown Sagarmatha strain. This strain’s unique terpene profile gives rise to its popularity as growers and consumers seek Banana OG out over others for its dessert-like flavor and potent body high. Coupled with the beautifully bodacious and frosted nugs the plant produces, it comes as no surprise that Banana OG has quickly become one of the most popular strains we carry at TLC.

At first glance, Banana OG’s stout buds resemble glittering, speckled Easter eggs with muted sage, indigo and orange tones covering the bud in a mosaic of rich color that is then coated in layer upon glimmering layer of juicy, pulsating trichomes. If it’s appearance isn’t enough to swoon you, its aromatics will with a flavor profile more reminiscent of a pastry than flora. With notes of overripe bananas and orange blossom honey tempered with more robust, yet subtle, notes of cedar, sandalwood and cinnamon, Banana OG floods the senses with a sweetness and decadence that will drive terp-hunters wild.

But while an alluring appearance and titillating fragrance are all fine and well, what you really want to know is what Banana OG’s effects are like and whether a flower as tasty as this one is all bark and no bite. Well, my THC-fueled friends, you’ll be pleased to read that Banana OG is a creeper that, after one hit be it flower or wax, will leave you glued to the couch in total, irreversible physical relaxation. Its soothing effects makes this strain best suited for those seeking relief from chronic pain, stress and anxiety, and insomnia. And, while we know a lot of you out there can toke with the fervor and intensity of an Olympic gold medalist, beginners might want to relegate this tasty flower to nighttime sessions only unless you’re on board with a mid-day nap to which we say, “Toke away.”

Be it flower or wax, Banana OG is flavorful in every form but in order to reap the most of this strain’s unique terpene profile, we recommend trying it as a budder first. Budders not only contain the highest levels of terpenes, they do a great job at preserving them in the same state they occur in the plant, a quality that can help explain budder’s tendency to provide a “terpier” experience as opposed to shatter, crumble, etc.

Banana OG is a favorite we always come back to you and after one taste, we’re sure you will too.

For the curious, Banana OG can be currently found on TLC’s shelves. (Please note that due to limited quantity, we advise that patients check our Weedmaps or Leafly menu before planning their visit.)

Have you tried Banana OG? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!